• Meetr transforms organizational communication into a strategic business asset

    Communication intelligence for the new generation of work


    Diagnose your communication

    Understand and visualize your unique communication culture and habits. Identify communication blockers, knowledge processes and time drainers.

    Find optimization opportunities

    Realize opportunities to impact and improve your communication. Get recommendations for time and resource allocation, appropriate stack & tools, communication breakdown mitigations and more.

    Predict and stay ahead of change

    Implement policies that support ever-changing challenges for long-term success. Take a proactive approach by predicting changes in communication habits and organizational behavior.

    Harness your digital communication footprint to

    We turn your organization’s digital communication footprint data into optimization opportunities by leveraging advances in network science, audio / video analysis, NLP and behavior modeling.


    Communication is critical

    Don’t treat it as a liability

    Communication trends change frequently.

    Stay ahead of the curve and understand which changes work for you and which don’t.

    • Align communication habits with operational and strategic goals to gain a competitive advantage

    • Proactively shape your communication and be less prone to unwanted change

    • Assist operational leadership in better resource allocation control

    Meetr is a communication intelligence startup located in Tel Aviv.

    Our team is focused on combining AI and organizational behavior paradigms with corporate strategy, providing a holistic approach to gauge and improve communication assets.

    We believe that intelligent and flexible organizational communication is essential to cope with newly emerging operational challenges. We’re building the platform to enable this.