What is Meetr?

    Meetr is the first meeting analytics and intelligence platform delivering a centralised hub for all meeting related information.

    Meetr provides you an all-around cover of meeting details and information including: a comprehensive analytics suite, cost management tools and meeting intelligence backed by AI and behavioral science.

    How does it work?

    Meetr analyzes audio, video and text through linguistic & image algorithms to measure and understand group dynamics, sentiment and environmental factors.

    By integrating with your existing productivity, collaboration and finance tools, Meetr provides a holistic approach for meeting analysis, improvement and action.

    The data is being processed by machine learning and AI algorithms in order to provide further insights and conclusions.

    Why use Meetr?

    Meetr helps companies to understand everything about their meetings in order to improve group dynamics, enhance productivity and reduce harmful elements in the day-to-day of your team.

    Who should use Meetr?

    Common use cases by role:

    Team Leaders

    Small teams in any function use Meetr to improve team cohesiveness and meetings efficiency with real-time assistance and the ability to drill down every meeting.

    Department managers

    Mid-management executives use Meetr to improve productivity by understanding how employee's work in their group allowing them to realize what works and what doesn't amongst the different teams.


    HR & People functions use Meetr’s behavioral & emotional metrics to Identify wellness trends and gain a window to the workforce.


    Business leaders and executives use Meetr to gain an overview on global productivity and collaboration while driving change using cost management to optimize costs in their organisations.

    How do I connect my team to Meetr?

    Meetr is currently in closed beta.
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    Do I need any special equipment or hardware?

    No. Meetr’s video and audio analysis works with all standard web-cams and meeting room equipment.

    In case of no video or audio streaming, Meetr will not analyse real-time meetings and will only analyze retrospectively based on other existing integrations.


    What happens to my data after I delete my account?

    Meetr purges all customer data in case of account termination or on request.

    How secure is Meetr?

    Meetr maintains administrative, physical and technical safeguards for the protection of security and confidentiality of customer data.

    Meetr’s infrastructure is encrypted both in transit and at rest, with no identifying data saved during a meeting, webinar or online session. This includes transcriptions, audio and video analysis.

    Read more about Meetr's security.

    How does Meetr ensure my privacy?

    Meetr doesn’t use or hold any personal information.

    Our proprietary algorithm are only based on the aggregated data of the teams and organizations.

    Read more about Meetr's privacy.