• Analytics

    Get the most comprehensive coverage of meeting analytics & data

    Visualize your meeting habits and gain powerful actionable insights

    Meetr provides a comprehensive analytics suite encompassing deep details on execution, behavior and emotional demeanor.

    Gain a unique view into how your team and organization feel as seen through the meeting lens and avoid unnecessarily obtrusive measurement methods and software.

    Save valuable time & money by analyzing your schedule, concentration and attendance.

    Drill down into the meetings that matter most or compare differences between meetings to facilitate improvement.

    Prevent burndown by understanding your meeting & space atmosphere.

    Meetr behavior analysis allows you to identify a meeting’s most important KPIs such as concentration, happiness, and anger.

    Integrate with your existing tools to gain a deeper understanding of how your meetings affect your business and most importantly, your team.

    See how your meetings’ success correlate to your consumer and business facing metrics and manage your team’s time better.

    Understand how your teams like to work

    See how your team spends their time to improve workflows and methodologies.

    Enhance leadership by letting your teams measure how they like to meet and what works best for them;

    Whether it’s face to face meetings, video platforms or other collaboration tools, Meetr has your team covered.

    Team goals

    Define and measure your teams’ meeting goals, analyze abnormal events and create an open environment for team improvement.

    Using Meetr’s goals provides visibility for the entire team, encourages retrospectives and makes sure you stay on track.