• Cost Management

    Go beyond analytics and start optimizing costs with budget monitoring, predictions and reports

    Cost Reports & Budgets

    Stay on top of your meeting expenses with periodical cost alerts.

    Work towards your targets by setting up budgets and get notified when you digress from your goals.

    Setup email and webhook notifications and keep your team in sync.

    Meeting costs per team and site

    Understand your day-to-day expenses around the globe and make sure you make the right decisions.

    Monitor teams’ meeting costs to better understand the ramifications of meetings on the bottom line.

    Focus on what matters to you by monitoring specific teams, sites or projects and pinpoint your efforts.

    You can choose to connect our accounting integrations or see cost estimates based on global benchmarks.

    Prediction and forecasts

    Find out the future impact of meetings on your business.

    Get detailed cost forecast based on your organizational meeting habits.

    Combine forecasting with the power of meeting intelligence to see how your day-to-day efforts affect future costs.