• Meeting Intelligence

    Harness the power of behavioral science to get more out of your team’s meetings

    Real-time Feedback

    Get in-platform suggestions to identify and solve problems in day to day meetings.

    Common issues can be rectified immediately by an in-meeting suggestion or through meeting summaries and reports.


    Make sure your agenda items are met by tracking content views and usage in your upcoming and past meetings.

    Connect web events from different platforms or use our baseline inferred events

    Unique insights

    Meetr delivers simple, actionable insights about your meeting habits.

    Get AI backed recommendations for daily meeting dilemmas such as timing, duration, location and more.

    Be on top of your group dynamic factors with alerts and reports on everything meeting related.

    Add science to your workforce understanding

    Meetr’s engine is based on behavioral science, along with proprietary machine learning algorithms.

    Meetr partners with psychological and behavior experts who strive to better understand group dynamics, collaboration, and efficiency, in the workspace and outside of it.

    Our goal is to help you pursue a smarter workspace through better meetings.