• Security

    Meetr maintains administrative, physical and technical safeguards for the protection and confidentiality of customer data.

    We conduct scheduled audits to maintain enterprise-level security.

    Data center and network security

    • System passwords are encrypted using a standard key system with restricted access to specific production systems with rotating keys.

    • Meetr hosts its software on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) facilities in the USA.

      See Amazon’s compliance and security and Google’s compliance and security documents for more detailed information.

    • All of Meetr’s servers are located within our own virtual private cloud (VPC), protected by strict firewall rules allowing only the minimal required communication to and between components.

    • Meetr enforces strict guidelines and maintains a handful of personnel with access to production servers.

    • Meetr conducts half-annual external vulnerability tests for all of our components.

    • Any attempt to connect over HTTP is redirected to HTTPS. We currently maintain an A+ grade for Qualys/SSL Labs

    • Meetr uses encryption for all internal and external communication.

    • Non-identifiable data

      Meetr’s proprietary runtime processing system only saves irreversible data points, making sure identifying information is not present in our learning algorithms. Customer data is purged from Meetr systems subsequent to contract termination or on request.


    Meetr’s status page includes system availability for the Meetr console & API, updates on scheduled maintenance and expected downtime and relevant security events.


    • All access to Meetr’s applications/internal components are traced, logged and audited

    • Logs are kept for at least 6 months


    Meetr’s integrations are focused on visibility - data processing is only active for Meetr team members and can discontinued/stopped at will from client platforms/through our console.

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